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What Is The


In 2021, the United States amended the wine packaging regulations to allow vintages to be packaged in both 50ml and 100ml bottles.

This presented an exciting opportunity to bring a wide array of wines together in one compact set.

The Winearray consists of eight 50ml bottles made from durable, food-grade plastic that are sealed with tamper-evident twist-off caps.

The Winearray comes in multiple forms, containing anywhere from 4 wines to 8 unique wines in a set.

The 4-wine set will contain four different kinds of wine, two bottles of each variety. This makes sharing with your spouse or significant other easy and fun!

And the 8-wine set will contain up to eight unique wines for a greater variety to expand your palette!

Each Winearray comes packaged with an insert that tells you about the vintage and where you can purchase full bottles of the wine.

Plus, the Winearray makes a perfect gift for wine enthusiasts. It lets them experience multiple wines without breaking the bank. 

With Winearray, you know what you’ll get, and if you love any of the wines, we make it easy to purchase a full bottle directly from the winery that made it.


Our Mission: Fine Wine for Everyone

We want to make wine more accessible, pure and simple. Whether you’re a beer drinker looking to delve into the wine world, or you’re new to the whole scene, Winearray makes it easy to find what you like and what you don’t.

Approximately 81% of all American wineries produce less than 5,000 cases of wine each year. Because of their small size, many of these wineries aren’t able to market their products far from their tasting rooms. As a result, you are likely missing out on many remarkable wines you don’t even know exist!

The goal of the Winearray is to let everyone try wines which they might not otherwise have available to them and to bring the tasting room to the wine drinker.


The Four Rules of the Winearray™

Rule 1

The Winearray™ will only ever contain wines from a single winery. No mixing and matching!

Rule 2

The Winearray™ isn’t a distributor of other winery’s products. We provide links and information about where to purchase full bottles of the wine you tried, but they are not for sale in our store.

Rule 3

The wine gift boxes are limited edition. Over time, the wines we offer in each box will change, so if you see something you like, jump on it now!

Rule 4

The Winearray™ will never favor one winery’s products over another.