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Trying Different Wines Has Never Been Easier

Wine has had a long and illustrious history, and it’s no secret that it is one of the most expensive beverages we buy.

Unless you’re a professional sommelier or consider yourself a wine connoisseur, there’s probably a lot of guesswork that goes into your wine selection. Do you find yourself in the liquor store, bottle in hand, wondering:

Will I like it? Is it too dry? Can I at least use it for cooking?

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, right? Well, why buy wine without trying it first?

The Winearray™, a curated box of 50ml-bottle wine samples, makes choosing your next favorite wine easy and fun. Our experts offer you a selection of samples to try, so you can decide which, if any, of the wines merit buying a full bottle or two! We won’t ever tell you what you should or shouldn’t like: it’s all about trying it for yourself!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if most wineries had their own Winearrays? It would make choosing wine much more enjoyable and take the guesswork out of it!


How Winearray™ Works


Step One:

Read about each wine and choose a Winearray™ gift box.


Step Two:

Enjoy trying your wines with friends and family or give as a gift!


Step Three:

Like what you tried? We make it easy to purchase full bottles of wine directly from the winery that made them.

winearray 3

Meet The Debut Winearray

Coming to you this time from the beautiful southern New Jersey coast, the Debut Winearray features four wines from Natali Vineyards.

It contains four quality wines– a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Rose, a Chardonnay, and a Pino Grigio. There are two 50ml bottles of each wine, making it easy to share with others! Each bottle is properly labeled to reflect the contents.

Why The Winearray™ Makes A Great Gift

The Winearray™ was designed to be given as a gift. Whether you have a friend who’s just gotten into drinking wine, or you’re looking for a Christmas present for a budding wine enthusiast, the Winearray™ is the perfect gift. 

It provides recipients with access to wine varieties and styles they likely have never experienced before, and each gift box contains information about how to purchase those wines that they find to their tastes.

You can rest assured that the Winearray will only offer quality wines from reputable wineries, like Natali Vineyards, winner of more than 100 medals in wine competitions.

And finally, where else can you taste 4-8 different fine wines for the price of a single 750 ml bottle of a respectable vintage? That’s what makes the Winearray special!